Accidents coming from motorbike accidents are actually¬† much more prevalent and also intense in comparison to automobile accidents where the wreck victims, as dwellers of automobiles, were protected by airbags as well as seat belt. Since automobiles possess to fulfill nationwide safety requirements to protect driver and also passengers, automobile accidents– scary as they are– Read More »

Business offices are not usually considered unsafe places. However, they can be hazardous if neglected. The increasing number of office accidents points up the need for employers, their office managers and/or safety foreman to analyze the office structure, with the aim of eliminating all dangers. Good housekeeping is a first step in preventing office accidents. Read More »

The great majority of health professionals who are involved in personal injury cases are ethical. They are anxious to weed out the chiselers, knowing that the oaths of their profession are being outraged. There is, however, a minority who abuse their authority in attempts to earn more money out of it. These health care professionals Read More »

An efficient Workmen’s Compensation Insurance investigator given only the report of a claim, can, using his own skill and sound investigatory methods, reconstruct the accident and develop all the circumstances surrounding it. The investigator is an integral part of the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance claims staff, though, unfortunately, his role is not always fully appreciated. And Read More »

The problems that arise in handling personal injury cases and the methods used in preparing and litigating these cases will best demonstrate the effectiveness of a personal injury lawyer. It is to the interest of the claim department to be aware constantly of the possibilities of third party recoveries. The attorney must, therefore, acquaint himself Read More »

An injury attorney in the course of his daily work is constantly occupied with handling details, figures, instructions, and data, among other things. Any error he commits due to carelessness can have serious consequences in relation to the cases he is personally handling. It may well have repercussions in relation to the cases he is Read More »

Accident records and injury statistics have become important tools not only for the Safety and Loss Prevention Department but for the Underwriting Departments of insurance companies as well.Of course, the mere collection of statistics serves no purpose at all if the end product is not carefully studied and then used in some practical way. The Read More »

The injury attorney can secure from the insured, and develop by his own observations, a detailed account of the job requirements of the claimant; the type of work he does; the extent and frequency of noise to which he is or was exposed; its range and scope, whether it is steady and intense; and the Read More »

How do work-related accidents go? The accident must be one that arose out of and in the course of employment and these words have to be given a broad and liberal interpretation. The injury must have been received while the employee was performing the job he was hired for; it must be one of the Read More »

Loss of Hearing Claims for occupational loss of hearing attack the very fabric of Workmen’s Compensation insurance by destroying the wage loss concept upon which this form of insurance is based. The term occupational disease is defined as any disease caused by exposure to the harmful conditions of the employment when these conditions are present Read More »