nursing home abuseEvery year many nursing home residents are either neglected or abused and often these incidents go unreported. As of 2012, according to the National Center on Elderly Abuse Bureau of Justice Statistics report, 36% of nursing homes in the U.S. have violated nursing home abuse laws. If you suspect that an elderly nursing home resident is being neglected or abused, contact a nursing home abuse attorney. Ginsburg Law Philadelphia Attorneys specialize in elder abuse and neglect.


Types of Abuse and Warning Signs About Nursing Home Abuse:

Nursing home employees may not want the resident to be left alone with their loved ones because they fear the resident will say something. Watch for these warning signs if you suspect an elderly resident is suffering from nursing home abuse:

1.) Emotional abuse: Sudden changes in personality and/or behavior such as crying, extreme sadness or unexplained tension between the caregiver and resident.

2.) Physical abuse: The resident has bed sores, is suffering from malnutrition, has unexplained injuries such as bruising or sprained or broken bones and is not receiving adequate medical care.

3.) Financial abuse: Sudden change in financial circumstances, missing money, checks or credit cards or being overcharged for care given in the nursing home.

3.) Verbal abuse: Yelling, name calling, swearing at the resident. Incidents of humiliation or excessive control when being spoken to.

4.) Sexual abuse: Bruising near the genital areas, showing the patient pornography, torn undergarments.

5.) Signs of neglect: Sudden weight loss, dehydration, disrespect, humiliation, being over medicated or under medicated, especially in regards to pain medication.

90% of nursing homes do not have enough aides to care for their elderly residents. They are severely understaffed. This may explain the reason for hiring employees who have prior criminal records.

РNational Elder Abuse Incident Study

A nursing home abuse attorney should be notified if there is any suspicion of nursing home abuse. A nursing home abuse attorney is experienced in elder abuse and knows how to stop this from happening. Nursing homes may not report the case to law enforcement officers. It is often left up to the resident’s loved ones to report suspicious acts of abuse.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics by the National Center on Elderly Abuse in 2102 reported the following:

  • Neglect: 58% of nursing home residents suffer from neglect.
  • Physical abuse: 15.7% suffer from physical abuse.
  • Emotional abuse: 7.3% experience emotional abuse.
  • Sexual abuse: 0.04% have been sexually assaulted or abused in some way.
  • Financial abuse: 12.3% of elderly residents have been abused financially.

The number of nursing home abuse stories and neglect cases reported in 2010 reached nearly 6 million in the United States alone! It is vitally important for loved ones to contact a nursing home abuse attorney if there is any suspicion of nursing home abuse.

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