An injury attorney in the course of his daily work is constantly occupied with handling details, figures, instructions, and data, among other things. Any error he commits due to carelessness can have serious consequences in relation to the cases he is personally handling. It may well have repercussions in relation to the cases he is personally handling. It may well have repercussions in other departments within his company.

Working with the Tabulating Department

The tabulating department, being an integral unit within the structure of an insurance company, as is the Statistical Department, must depend on an examiner’s cooperation in every way, making certain that all data being submitted to them is accurate, is being sent in to them in the prescribed fashion, and is diligently checked. Carelessness is responsible for many of the errors reaching the tabulating and statistical departments. Almost equally at fault is illegible handwriting. And examiner must exercise care at all times, especially when reserve figures are being entered onto reserve sheets. Every degree of caution must be exerted. The lawyer must work with a sense of responsibility and a respect for the significance of his work.

Sharing Information with Professionals from Other Fields

The attorney, in handling the claims coming across his desk will find it necessary to speak to doctors, employers and attorneys. Following these discussions it will often be essential that memoranda be placed in the files. It is of prime importance that on all memoranda, penciled notes or reports put in the file, the lawyer indicate the source of his information, the name of the party with whom he discussed the specific matter of whether or not this information was obtained over the telephone or by personal visit. Dates of all such contacts must be added to each memorandum. In most instances the time of day should also be shown.

Order and Discipline

An important thing in successful organization of the work-flow of an attorney is order and discipline. Order results from planning the steps to be taken in allotted portions of each work day. Discipline is being able to steel oneself so that each task will be completed at a specified time, even if it is tedious or novel or awesome. It is helpful to approach each day with a mental attitude geared to doing rather than contemplating. Order and discipline are firmly intertwined, serving well the enlightened self interest of men and management.

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