An efficient Workmen’s Compensation Insurance investigator given only the report of a claim, can, using his own skill and sound investigatory methods, reconstruct the accident and develop all the circumstances surrounding it.

The investigator is an integral part of the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance claims staff, though, unfortunately, his role is not always fully appreciated. And it is unfortunate because a complete investigation enables the claims supervisor to sift rapidly the various facts in the files; to ascertain whether or not the claim is compensable and, if it is, to provide the financial assistance the claimant needs. In addition, by virtue of this investigation, the claim supervisor will be able to determine if more medical supervision is necessary and he will also be able reasonably to anticipate the potentialities of the case. The law firm can offer more information on these types of incidents.

Brief outline of decedent’s job and duties; exact and detailed information of his wages on job at time of death or prior employment to cover at least one year’s earnings prior to date of death since the matter of fixing a proper compensation rate is important; obtaining copies of W2 forms and income tax information, if available, from dependent if record of earnings are unclear.

Further, the investigator must be armed with practical, tested, proved methods in the field of investigation, for with his essential equipment, he will be better able to face up to and solve the variety of problems and the individual dilemmas each compensation claim represents.

The investigator cannot base his report on hunch or intuition. To support his finding that a claim is not legitimate or is exaggerated, he must present the results of his investigation as substantial facts. It is, of course healthy for an investigator to develop a wise skepticism. As a matter of fact, this is a fundamental attribute of a good investigator as long as it is applied judiciously. When an imaginative and enthusiastic approach to the job plus a sense of fair play are added to the other attributes; the resultant alloy is an investigatory processing the requisite skills and sensitivity to do a credible job.

Outline the exact injuries and the parts of body involved. If death did not follow the accident and the hiatus between accident and death is substantial the more significant is the precise nature of injuries caused by the accident.

An investigator may be just an investigator or he may be something more. The poor of mediocre mean works his case list in a routine fashion, casually following instructions and generally conducting himself in a hit or miss manner. Time and again this has proved unsatisfactory and the fruits of this kind of investigation are bitter not only to the insurance company for whom the investigator works, but for the insured and the claimant as well