Business offices are not usually considered unsafe places. However, they can be hazardous if neglected. The increasing number of office accidents points up the need for employers, their office managers and/or safety foreman to analyze the office structure, with the aim of eliminating all dangers.

Good housekeeping is a first step in preventing office accidents. Desks should be spaced so that there is sufficient walking area: office machines, file cabinets and shelves, should be placed in such positions that office employees cannot bump into them. All file and deck drawers should be kept closed. An anti-slip wax, properly applied to floors should be used to avoid slip accidents. Loose wires attached to telephones, calculators, adding machines, and strung along the floors, also cause accidents. Heavy and ungainly objects should not be lifted by employees without assistance.

Employees must be reminded:

o not to clean or adjust a machine without cutting off the power
o not to stand on chairs to reach something instead of using a ladder
o not to leave sharp items exposed
o and to pick up any paper, carbons, or pencils they drop.

Practical jokes cause many office injuries. They must be prohibited. Such “playful” things as tossing paper clips, squirting water, pulling a chair away from someone sitting down, can and do produce serious injuries. Sensitivity to safety hazards in offices must be cultivated. The dividends in increased office efficiency, employee productivity, stability of staff, and eliminated loss of time due to accidents, fully justify all safety measures.

There are indeed cases where injuries are caused by the negligence of other people; especially in the work place. These cases can cause serious physical and financial harm to workers and affect their ability to work and make a living. It is for this reason why it’s very important for victims of negligence and personal injury to make a claim and get compensation for their injuries. They need compensation not only for their medical bills but also for the lose of income and other damages.

Injuries that occur inside the office are no longer new; in fact, a lot of the records of personal injury cases show that many of these cases come from the workplace. Those that occur in the office are not so numerous than those that occur in the field but they are still common. Many of these injuries are caused by accidents which could be due to the negligence of the company or other employees. When such accidents occur, victims should remember to seek aid and legal advice if necessary.

Through a legal consultation you can fight for you case and make a claim. The injury attorney will guide you through the process and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.